PostcardMania Projects 75% Increase in Automated Direct Mail Quarterly Revenue Year Over Year as It Adds New Features and Capabilities

CLEARWATER, Fla., Dec. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $97 million marketing technology firm with over 350 staff, is anticipating its flagship automation sector, PCM Integrations, will achieve a quarterly gross revenue increase of 75% over quarter 4 of 2022.

Earlier this year, PCM Integrations showed a 70% revenue gain in quarter 3 over quarter 3 of 2022, predicting that the area will continue expanding throughout the year and year after year.

PostcardMania launched the tech-focused PCM Integrations in mid-2021, and the division quickly reached multi-million-dollar revenues. Its automated direct mail service offers businesses a lower cost of entry compared to traditional mailings, direct API integration, endless programmatic targeting options, responsive lead nurturing, zero upfront cost or tech fees, and can be applied at scale. 

“PCM Integrations is our fastest-growing area, and its latest features allow users to create custom marketing campaigns that meet their unique needs,” said PostcardMania CEO and Founder Joy Gendusa. “We expect to end the year surpassing all of our previous revenue records and then start off the New Year on the fast track to exponential success.”

Among its many features and capabilities, PCM Integrations recently rolled out a fully customizable design editor, allowing end users to create mailers from scratch exactly as they envision, down to the smallest details, with drag-and-drop ease. The design editor comes box-ready, accessible in-app on large CRMs like Salesforce, with built-in guidelines to ensure seasoned designers and novices alike can easily bring their vision to life while abiding by necessary United States Postal Service mailing procedures.

Users have access to an easy-to-use image uploader, color finder, fonts, pen tool, shapes, layering, and more. Dynamic images and text can also be incorporated through the design editor to maximize customization for each recipient. For example, using the tag <<First Name>> would result in the first name of each recipient being printed on each individual postcard. Dynamic images offer another added layer of personalization. For instance, a landscape contractor can upload different product images that correlate to the type of quotes he’s delivered; prospects that asked for a hardscape quote would receive mailers with a new driveway or outdoor kitchen while prospects that asked for a landscaping quote would receive mailers featuring manicured gardens. Once a custom design is completed, users can automate mailings throughout the year at competitive prices.

For example, that same landscaping contractor could design a single mailer in one sitting and then automate it to be mailed 48 hours after a new prospect receives their quote, and a custom design featuring each prospect’s first name would be triggered, printed and mailed throughout the year depending on the type of quote (landscape or hardscape) requested.

Personalization at this scale — without ongoing work — could be a game-changer for businesses, as a recent study on consumer engagement found that 66% of consumers say they will quit a brand if their experience isn’t personalized.

Following the implementation of these extra design tools, PCM Integrations is anticipating the launch of snap apart mailers, which are mail pieces perforated for opening rather than an envelope-style delivery.

Snap apart mailers often command more attention from prospects as they give an official government-like appearance and sense of urgency. Studies show that snap apart mailers have an open rate of 95%. This extra direct mail option will give PCM Integrations’ users further options for effective marketing strategies that deliver high returns on investment.

For all its latest advancements, PostcardMania and PCM Integrations remains unique among thanks to its 25-year history of high-quality print experience, results-based design templates, and commitment to zero tech fees — all of which have proven key in differentiating PCM Integrations from other direct mail automation providers and ensuring its continued growth.

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