PostcardMania Reaches Milestone 100,000 Clients in Over 350 Industries, Set to Celebrate with $100,000 Marketing Giveaway Special

CLEARWATER, Fla., July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — In a year so far marked by milestones, $64MM marketing-turned-tech company PostcardMania just arrived at another pivotal moment — 100,000 small business clients across the country. This latest landmark comes just weeks after cutting the red tape on their newest tech-based division, PCM Integrations, and announcing their highly accurate direct mail retargeting technology Website to Mailbox.

PostcardMania’s journey started in 1998 as a 4-person startup in a 600-square-foot office. Since then, PostcardMania now has 300 staff, a custom-built 60,000-square-foot facility, 100,000 small business clients, 279,873 campaigns delivered, and 2.24 billion mail pieces printed.

In more ways than one, that small startup no longer resembles the 13-time Tampa Bay Top Workplace and fast-growing tech company that added 30 jobs last year as the country grappled with coronavirus.

Originally, PostcardMania was one of only 2 other postcard direct mail companies, and none of them promoted directly to small businesses — only to agencies or print brokers. PostcardMania changed that, becoming the first to sell directly to businesses and offer everything in-house. They streamlined the design, print and mailing processes and eliminated expensive agency retainer fees, making full-color, professionally designed direct mail a viable option for small businesses.

Another first for PostcardMania: educating business owners about direct mail and marketing, free of charge. Competitors regarded the move as selling "trade secrets," but PostcardMania’s belief that an educated business owner is a better client prevailed. Free marketing advice is now the industry standard.

PostcardMania’s journey hasn’t been without trials. In 2008, PostcardMania operated primarily within the real estate and mortgage industries, which were hit hard by housing crash. PostcardMania lost roughly half their clientele overnight. To recover, they pivoted away from real estate and started marketing to a wide range of businesses — and, 350 industries later, they’re still pushing boundaries.

PostcardMania’s innovations aren’t borne solely from economic turmoil. It’s their mission to help small businesses thrive with effective marketing, which has become an increasingly technology-driven feat.

In 2013, PostcardMania laid the framework for its tech transformation. Gradually, they added all the components necessary to succeed at modern-day marketing — website development, email marketing, digital ads, social media marketing, and more. The culmination of these advancements can be seen in PostcardMania’s latest innovation: full marketing automation.

"Gaining the trust of 100,000 small businesses is no accident," said PostcardMania Founder/CEO, Joy Gendusa. "It’s the fruit of everyone’s work day in and day out. We spend a lot of time here, 8 hours a day — that’s why we focus first on hiring people who truly believe in our core purpose to help small business owners. When you have everyone on board moving toward a common purpose that isn’t just clocking in for a paycheck, it makes a huge difference."

While the surface may appear different — a custom facility, new tricks, more staff — PostcardMania at its core remains the same: a passion for helping American small businesses succeed at marketing to grow and thrive, because, in a country with a strong and diverse small business economy, we all win.

PostcardMania shows no signs of slowing down. To celebrate 100,000 clients, PostcardMania is giving away $100,000 in free marketing this week. For every $1,000 spent, they’ll give businesses $100 in free marketing. Visit to apply.

About PostcardMania:
PostcardMania is one of the nation’s most effective marketing companies specializing in lead generation for small businesses. They have been featured on the Inc. 500 list as well as,, Inc. Magazine, and more. PostcardMania offers fully integrated omnichannel marketing campaigns and full direct mail automation. Visit for more information.

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