PostcardMania Reduces Direct Mail Delivery Timeline by 33% Following Tech Advancements and VP Promotion

CLEARWATER, Fla., Aug. 30, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $97 million marketing technology company with over 350 staff, has reached a new milestone in delivering fast and reliable services and support. The marketing firm reduced average design approval time and mail delivery time by 12% and 13% respectively from 2021 to 2023 year to date. In a sign of gaining momentum, July set a new record for fastest delivery turnaround time — 33% faster than 2021’s average.

As a result of these improvements, business owners are able to get their advertisements into the hands of prospects faster than ever, giving them an advantage over competitors in the never-ending race to bring in new clients.

Behind PostcardMania’s reduction in turnaround time is its dedication to continually improving all facets of the client experience. The marketing firm has been throwing gas on their fire of customer experience enthusiasm since 2021 with a focus on transforming its proprietary client-facing marketing management dashboard to a user-friendly experience that rivals shopping on Amazon for its simplicity and familiarity.

Chief Experience Officer Jackie Wirsing says, “Every client-facing department has been involved, eagerly contributing their insights to help craft an ideal customer journey that maximizes marketing results.”

The portal allows clients with traditional (non-automated) direct mail campaigns to quickly and easily transfer information, approve designs and mailing lists, pay for postage, and track campaign performance in one convenient location.

Usage of PostcardMania’s online portal has likely led to shorter turnaround times for clients, as its usage has increased simultaneously as delivery time fell. For the first time since its inception, PostcardMania’s online portal is consistently being used by clients at a rate of 85% or better this year. In 2021, clients used the portal only 48% of the time, which increased to 76% in 2022, a 58% increase.

PostcardMania’s client experience push can largely be attributed to the leadership of Chief Experience Officer Jackie Wirsing, promoted to the C-suite in February 2022, and Annemargaret McKeon, who was promoted to the Vice President of Client Services in March 2023.  

McKeon started at PostcardMania in 2015 as a Design and Print Representative helping clients get their designs up and approved to print. Hardworking and passionate about the client experience from start to finish, she was promoted to Vice President of Creative Marketing and Customer Support in 2017, taking all print-based design and client service departments under her wing.

This year, McKeon was promoted again to Vice President of Client Services to oversee additional areas, including client interaction within the Digital Marketing Products & Services division.

She said, “My mission is to make certain our clients receive a consistent, high-level of support, regardless of what terminal they are speaking to. Additionally, I put a lot of focus into streamlining our internal processes to create a better experience for both clients and PostcardMania staff.”

Beyond perfecting client experience, PostcardMania recently set a new quarterly revenue record for its direct mail automations-led division, PCM Integrations, for the second quarter. Marrying “old school” products like direct mail and client-first service with cutting-edge technology continues to pave the way for new heights in more ways than one.

 “We are laser-focused on not only ensuring our clients’ campaigns are successful, but also making their experience with us easy and enjoyable from start to finish,” said PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa. “Even though new technology has enabled us to streamline our direct mail marketing processes so that our customers don’t have to pick up a phone, we still pride ourselves on giving a personal touch in everything we do so that they want to. Building strong relationships with small business owners is one of the things we do best. You can always reach someone that is interested to discuss your ideas or concerns. This is very unusual anymore.”

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