PostcardMania Surpasses $100 Million in Revenue and Sees Revenue Jump in Several Sectors, Led by Direct Mail Automation

CLEARWATER, Fla., Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the marketing technology firm with over 350 staff, achieved record revenue in 2023, crossing the $100 million mark to hit $104.6 million, a new high for the company. The increase represents 8% top-line growth over 2022 in continuation of PostcardMania’s outsized post-pandemic success, in which the firm has averaged 15% annual year-over-year growth following a decade (2009 to 2019) averaging 5% growth.

“PostcardMania has really hit another level of growth since 2020, and I think that’s down to more and more businesses coming to the realization that direct mail is a real asset — one that makes a deeper, more lasting impression than digital — in today’s modern marketing mix,” said PostcardMania Founder and CEO Joy Gendusa.

“Our accelerated growth began when we continued marketing uninterrupted throughout the pandemic, a move that let us gain market share without increasing budget,” continued Joy. “And now, with an excellent staff and the right leadership in place, we’re in an ideal position to continue this momentum and keep growing faster than ever.”

Leading PostcardMania’s 2023 growth with a 44% year-over-year revenue surge was its direct mail automation-centered division, PCM Integrations. The division focuses on direct API integration to any software or CRM, giving users the ability to send direct mail as easily as email, scalable programmatic targeting and delivery, and responsive lead nurturing with zero upfront cost or tech fees. Its growth likely signals an increasing demand for programmatic offline solutions in response to online behaviors, for example an abandoned shopping cart triggering a follow-up postcard that offers an incentive to complete the online sale.

Last year also marked another milestone for PostcardMania as its automated daily mailer products, Website to Mailbox and New to Town, became the fastest-growing products in PostcardMania’s 25-year history, reaching multi-million-dollar revenue status in record time. Both programs send automated postcards according to different triggers: Website to Mailbox focuses on mailing to unconverted website visitors while New to Town targets new movers within a business’s designated service area.

Among PostcardMania’s other 2023 revenue winners was its letters-centered division, RocketPrint & Mail. With its focus on bulk-printed letters, RocketPrint & Mail grew its top-line annual revenue 24% last year, reaching record highs. Other winners for the year included PostcardMania’s flagship multichannel marketing package Everywhere Small Business, which was up 5% over the previous year. PostcardMania’s partnership-focused division, Corporate Relations, added 7.5% revenue growth as well. Overall, 2023 marked a highest-ever revenue year for both divisions, as well as every division and product mentioned above.

As 2024 begins, PostcardMania remains firm in its long-standing purpose: to provide effective, results-based marketing solutions that generate leads, sales and revenue for small and medium-sized businesses nationwide so that those businesses can grow and flourish by adding new jobs, opportunities and income to their local communities. It is PostcardMania’s mission to help strengthen the backbone of the American economy one business at a time.

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