Professional Resume Writers Releases Results of 2024 Job Market Survey

Research Reveals Increasing Job Security Concern Heading into the New Year

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 2, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — conducted a comprehensive survey to delve into how confident people are feeling about their job security in 2024. The survey offers valuable insights into the job market, including the result of people’s sense of security in their current jobs after the pandemic. 66 percent of executives surveyed communicated that they are worried about job security going into the new year. 

The 2024 Job Market Survey created by Professional Resume Writers, reveals a notable 49 percent increase in overall concerns about job security among the workforce. Particularly striking is the surge of concern among early-career professionals, with a staggering 91 percent uptick in worry compared to the previous year. Furthermore, the impact of remote work on job security is evident, with 21 percent of surveyed workers attributing changes in job security to the shift towards remote work. 

The research also uncovers significant disparities in how different tiers of the workforce perceive the impact of the current economic landscape on their compensation. A resounding 97 percent of entry-level workers report feeling directly impacted by the steep rise in the cost of living. The study also reveals a prevailing sentiment among executives who report that their compensation has not kept pace with inflation, signaling a concern among top-tier professionals about equitable compensation packages.

The study by Professional Resume Writers, a leading resume writing service and personal branding firm, unveils compelling insights into a rapidly evolving job market, including a substantial trend towards career transition. A notable 60 percent of individuals surveyed expressed an active interest in changing their current careers, indicating significant job dissatisfaction. Furthermore, the report sheds light on a remarkable 111 percent increase in apprehension regarding job security among individuals holding bachelor’s degrees. 

Michelle Masters, co-founder of Professional Resume Writers, commented on the findings, stating, “Given the current economic climate, it’s not surprising that many individuals are concerned about their job security. It’s important for professionals to take proactive steps on this front, such as staying up-to-date on new technology and making sure both their resumes and LinkedIn profiles reflect those current skills.”

For more insights, visit the 2024 Job Market Survey to see the details on these findings accompanied by more insights about how professionals are feeling about the job market entering 2024. 

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