Propulsion PR Announces New Client Win in Veganism and Climate Change, Expands Global Presence

CHICAGO, June 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Propulsion PR, a leading vegan-owned public relations firm, has been selected as Agency of Record (AOR) for Animal Agriculture and Climate Change, a global nonprofit headquartered in Cape Town, South Africa focused on the interactions between animal agriculture and climate change, as well as the advancement of a vegan lifestyle.

With its broad portfolio of clients and as the trusted PR firm among vegan companies and organizations, Propulsion will employ its industry-leading experience to produce and launch a multilayered media campaign for Animal Agriculture and Climate Change.

The nonprofit has established itself by aggressively challenging the status quo. As the practice of animal agriculture continues to be the leading culprit of climate change, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency revealing it as the single largest source of methane emissions, the organization has partnered with Propulsion due to its abilities to communicate the crisis with a greater sense of urgency and in a manner that effectively reaches those capable of creating policy change and shifts in public perception.

Propulsion PR will manage earned media strategy, celebrity environmental activist outreach and support digital marketing efforts to help the organization extend its leadership position in the veganism, animal cruelty and climate change discussion.

"Promoting a vegan world is not simply a passion project for us, it’s our duty as communicators who understand the future of our planet is truly at stake," said Lucas Seiler, founder and managing director of Propulsion PR. "Unlike other PR firms, we don’t hide behind secret plant-based divisions or create separate websites claiming to be vegan advocates who are really trying to capitalize on the vegan movement and product expansions. Being vegan is at the core of who we are and how we operate, which is why we’re honored and grateful to begin advancing the incredible mission that Animal Agriculture and Climate Change has in store."

About Animal Agriculture and Climate Change

Animal Agriculture and Climate Change is a nonprofit dedicated to raising awareness about the negative impact animal agriculture and the consumption of animals has on the environment. The organization has taken the lead on a global petition aimed at convincing high-profile individuals to publicly address the correlation.

About Propulsion PR

Propulsion PR is a full-service PR agency that produces winning communications campaigns through branding and messaging, media relations and creative services such as video production. It represents some of the biggest names in veganism, design and construction, healthcare, business and real estate sectors.

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Lucas Seiler

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