ReachTV Airport Television Network Viewership Shows Skyrocketing Growth Since January 2021 According to Epicenter Experience’s ConsumerIQ™ Measurement Service

BOSTON, Aug. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Since partnering with Epicenter Experience, a recognized leader in the Digital Out-Of-Home Measurement and Analytics Sector, ReachTV has seen a 6.2X increase in network audience viewership. Airport travel and traffic are rising and ReachTV, a leader in the Digital Out of Home and Airport Media Sector, is seeing a very positive impact. TSA data shows airport traffic is up 191% since January 2021 and in July reached 78% of the pre-COVID level seen in June 2019. The Epicenter ConsumerIQ data shows that if an advertiser purchased a run of schedule campaign covering January through July 2021, ReachTV would have delivered a total of 193.4 million viewers. 

"Our confidence in being the largest linear TV Network to be measured continously by Epicenter Experience has been justified by the support we have seen in the advertising marketplace. Our goal is to provide media planners and buyers with the best tools to facilitate their purchase of the ReachTV Airport Networks," says Lynnwood Bibbens, CEO & Founder of ReachTV. The next milestone will occur in Q3 2021 when ReachTV’s ConsumerIQ reports from Epicenter will be integrated into the Nielsen Media Impact Platform, the industry leading omnichannel planning platform, which will allow ReachTV to be analyzed as part of a cross-platform media plan alongside all other media.

With the expansion of the network through the purchase of the CNN Airport Network, ReachTV now delivers linear video content to 2,608 television screens in 79 reporting airports. The network expansion has increased ReachTV’s average viewer watch time from 28 minutes to 70+ minutes raising ReachTV’s average monthly impressions to 38.8 million. Epicenter Experience reports the ReachTV Airport Network at both a national and individual airport level. These ConsumerIQ reports then feed into most of the leading planning and programmatic platforms.

"We are extremely proud that ReachTV has taken a leadership position in utilizing our ConsumerIQ reporting platform during the opening of America from lockdown," says George Brady, Chief Revenue Officer at Epicenter Experience. ReachTV is one of several leading Digital Out-Of-Home Networks using Epicenter’s proprietary mobile technology, The People Platform™, as their authoritative source for network audience measurement. Epicenter’s ConsumerIQ Reports are consistent with their Cinema audience measurement for NCM and Screenvision which made its debut in June 2021. "Together, we are building the future of Digital Out-Of-Home Measurement and Behavioral Analytics, one that encourages a holistic approach to planning and buying."

ReachTV is a live streaming entertainment network with a focus on Truth and Positivity. ReachTV programs authentic stories for tastemakers on the go! In addition, over 200+ hours of content is added to ReachTV’s library monthly and ReachTV has 2,500+ screens in international airports, across bars, restaurants, lounges, concourses, and newsstands; ReachTV has a potential monthly audience of over 128 million travelers, spending over $1B on F&B and retail per month.

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Lucky Bommireddy
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Epicenter Experience™ is an enterprise software company that was founded on two core principles — people are the epicenter and fuel of the economy and every experience a person has with a brand/organization has an impact on their life. The company values people as the platform and fuel for our economy and is committed to solving the global disconnect between consumers and companies. The People Platform™, the company’s proprietary mobile technology, brings people and companies together to deliver a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior and create enterprise value for our clients.

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