Reckon Proves That Big Brands Don’t Need Large Agencies to Execute National Marketing Campaign

ATLANTA, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When Aaron’s launched their new, fully-integrated marketing campaign “The Aa-Team” on May 10, featuring celebrity Mr. T, the team at Reckon Branding was celebrating. Not only did Reckon pull off the concepting, creation, and execution of Aaron’s campaign in 4 months, they also proved that big brands don’t need traditional agencies to pull off national campaigns. Adding validity to why Reckon was built the way they were, big brands are better off partnering with more agile agencies like themselves. And after the successful launch of The Aa-Team, Aaron’s just might agree.

Reckon was founded in 2000 by a group of senior creatives, whose mission was clear; produce exceptional work in an environment that allows clients to engage directly with creative teams, from beginning to end. Now, over twenty years later, that same philosophy holds true and has proven to be the difference maker in delivering the very best in creative solutions no matter the size or scope of work. For Aaron’s, Reckon’s philosophy paid big dividends, providing them with the same level of seasoned talent and innovative creative ideas one might expect from a traditional advertising agency, but at a cost that afforded them the ability to engage Mr. T and execute a national marketing campaign. This relationship between Aaron’s and Reckon created a seamless process, as noted by Aaron’s CMO, Tom Carey, “Not only was Reckon able to execute all the moving parts of a national campaign, but they were able to deliver ahead of schedule and without the red tape we commonly incurred with larger agencies.”

Aaron’s, headquartered in Atlanta, was also thankful to partner with a creative team from their home city. “It was always assumed we’d select agencies out of New York or California if we needed top-shelf creative. It’s just not that way anymore,” said Sandi Murnane, Director of Creative Services at Aaron’s. She continued, “Atlanta is not only a great home for businesses, but also as a creative hub that hasn’t received the attention it deserves.”

Perhaps most importantly, Reckon created a campaign that solidifies Aaron’s brand while promoting a product and price message typically found in more mundane retail spots. According to Carey, “It was important we tout our products and prices to drive traffic, but we still wanted a highly creative, and memorable campaign that would establish Aaron’s brand for years to come. We believe ‘The Aa-Team’ has the legs to do just that.”

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