RedTrack Adds Customer Journey Reporting to Complete an All-In-One Solution for e-Commerce Analytics & Automation

VILNIUS, Lithuania, Oct. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RedTrack, a leading provider of analytics and media-buying automation solutions for e-com and DTC brands, is thrilled to announce the release of its Customer Journey Reporting. This exciting development is here to unlock full-funnel visibility for advertisers who invest in multiple ad channels and struggle to attribute revenue results to the relevant channels, campaigns, or ads.

Understanding the customer journey is essential for the success of the e-commerce business today. RedTrack’s Customer Journey Reports offer a comprehensive view of each customer’s interaction with the web store, from their initial ad click to the successful purchase.

By analyzing the journey of the customer to the conversion event, advertisers can make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing campaigns.

Customer Journey reporting is not the only feature developed by the RedTrack team to contribute to efficient advertising for e-commerce.

It becomes a new addition to the RedTrack platform, which is used by e-commerce and affiliate media buyers because of its advanced ad tracking and conversion attribution toolset:

  • Real-time ad spend sync with all major channels like Meta, Google, Youtube, Bing, etc., provided by in-built API integrations;
  • 100% accurate revenue synchronization with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and other e-commerce platforms;
  • Advanced Automation Rules that help reduce ad waste and improve ROAS, together with Ad management straight from the RedTrack UI.

Introducing the Customer Journey report is one of the significant steps to make RedTrack a complete solution for e-commerce advertisers, allowing them to make key decisions and actions through a single platform.

Vlad Zhovtenko, CEO and co-founder of RedTrack, comments: “RedTrack team is driven by the vision to reduce the number of screens and UIs media-buyers have to juggle in their daily operations. The combination of robust reporting, full-funnel visibility, and built-in ad management automation brings us closer to our mission.”

RedTrack’s Customer Journey Reporting is available with all e-com subscriptions at RedTrack. For the best deal, seize an early Black Friday sale. This promo is here to help e-commerce advertisers set up accurate analytics & automation before the holiday rush starts.

RedTrack is an all-in-one marketing analytics & automation platform. It’s a single solution to improve conversion rates and get better insights into performance-focused digital marketing campaigns for e-commerce, affiliate marketers, and digital marketing agencies.

Contact Information:
Name: Vladyslav Zhovtenko