Refocus Launches in the Philippines, Aiming to Educate 1 Million Students in 5 years

MAKATI, Philippines, Oct. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Refocus, an EdTech company that provides up-to-date practical skills for career growth, enrolls the first students in the Philippines. The company plans to launch 50+ educational courses in the APAC region in 2022, and aims to educate 1 million students in the first 5 years. 

Refocus offers online programs to help students to acquire skills in digital and jumpstart a career from scratch. In the Philippines, three courses are the first to launch: Project Manager, Digital Marketing Manager and QA Engineer. Each one includes 150+ hours of lectures, 19 assignments, and requires 6 months of training to be certified. All students will be gathered in communities and will learn new job-ready skill with help of curators.

The team of Refocus enters Asian countries to meet the need for qualified employees. At the moment, IT sector offers one of the most in-demand and high-paid jobs range in the Philippines. In Q2 2021, the country’s GDP grew by 11.8%, according to a country’s statistics office report. Such growth is driving rapid digitalization and increasing demand for IT professionals.

The company’s founder Roman Kumar Vyas is a serial entrepreneur and marketing expert with over 100 successful growth cases globally. His other EdTech project in Asia, Coding Invaders by MentorsPro, an online IT school in India, already has dozens of employed alumni and grows x2 each month. Roman plans to triple Coding Invaders numbers in 2021, and devote a lot of resources to boosting Refocus in the APAC region now:

"We intend to provide students with skills that will be in demand in the labor market of Asia for at least another 30 years. This gives people a sense of confidence in the world of tomorrow, which is especially crucial after post-pandemic massive job losses. Our mission is to simplify entry into the IT sector and assist people on their way to earning competitive salaries, regardless of their age and location. Keeping this in focus, we make an extra effort to ensure that our students will be employed: monitor openings, assist with composing a winning CV, and do several rounds of mock interviews." — says Roman Kumar Vyas, the founder of Refocus.

The program is designed to meet state standards and needs of real employers, who seek qualified candidates. This approach helps to ensure maximum employability of graduates. Beyond maintaining Career Center, the team intends to rapidly expand the product line and localize courses.

According to Roman Kumar Vyas strong commitment, all Refocus courses must meet global education requirements, and at the same time, be locally relevant. That’s why Refocus tutors team include Western industry-leading experts with global cases, and local top-professionals with strong sense of country’s spirit.

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