Research by Alter Agents and TikTok Empowers Advertisers to Find Deeper, More Positive Audience Engagement

Using innovative in-context testing, the newly released study finds that content variety can help enhance advertising impact on the platform

LOS ANGELES, May 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Alter Agents, a full-service market research consultancy, and TikTok, the world’s premier platform for short-form video, have released new research that illustrates the power of content variety for advertisers. The findings, derived from an innovative in-context testing approach powered by EyeSquare, provide advertisers with invaluable insights to enhance impact and engage audiences on the TikTok platform.

Alter Agents conducted the quantitative study among n=2,400 adults in the United States, designing it with in-context exposure and in-context simulated shopping to evaluate impact on brand outcomes via different content mixes on TikTok. The study outcomes have equipped the TikTok team with data that can help clients in building effective campaigns, creating organic content, and working with creators.

Specifically, when respondents were shown content variety (such as brand-led, creator-led and organic) in campaigns versus a repetitive ad, the study found:

  • A 65% increase in stated positive emotions
  • Overall lift across key brand metrics, like familiarity, favorability and relevance
  • An increase in brand KPIs such as engagement (23%), time watched (25%) and branding (5%)

Notably, the study findings show that 64% of TikTok users express a preference for brands that offer a diverse range of content. This is attributed to their inclination towards finding such content more entertaining, enjoying the novelty it brings, and gaining knowledge from various contexts.

TikTok, which has a 1 billion global user base, is expected to continue growing. Recognizing the platform’s popularity, advertisers are keen to harness its engaged audience. With this newest Alter Agents study, TikTok is able to provide further data-driven guidance on optimizing impact, including using a content strategy that emphasizes variety.

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