RoboAds Introduces the World's First Mobile Advertising Robot for Displaying NFT ART and Live Cryptocurrency Pricing

DUBAI, U.A.E, May 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — RoboAds develops a new generation of advertising robots by combining digital signage, robotics and AI under one platform.

RoboSignage is RoboAds’ first commercial robot specifically designed for indoor advertising and virtual telepresence. The robot can be deployed in public places like airports, malls, tradeshows, metro stations and other high traffic areas. While roaming around, it displays advertising and allows potential consumers to connect via remote virtual video calls with customer service agents.

RoboSignage is equipped with four, 55-inch digital signage screens in 4K resolution. The robot can navigate autonomously or be teleoperated by means of a PTZ camera that transmits video in real time. The mobile platform has skid-steering and omnidirectional kinematics based on 4 high power motor wheels. Each wheel integrates a brushless motor with a high precision odometer sensor. The robot uses the ROS open architecture and is equipped with 2 lidar scanners that enable it to avoid obstacles around it when operating in mobility mode.

Through this innovative technology, customers have the opportunity to inform themselves or invest in NFT art, also known as non-fungible tokens. These exquisite and exclusive digital collectibles have taken the world by storm and have completely changed the game for investors and collectors alike. For a better understanding, NFT’s hold a distinctive code on a digital ledge known as blockchain. The value of these pieces varies based on demand. Though prints of these masterpieces are available online, rights to a single NFT are given to the buyers of each piece.

The concept is relatively new in the digital world. Prior to this, it had always been difficult to claim ownership to artworks or any digital pieces posted online.

However, with RoboAds, customers are presented with what’s available on the market and its current price. As prices do fluctuate, it will be cutting-edge to have recent updates and changes available as soon as they happen along with real time video analytics.

As for businesses, this sleek new way of advertising and marketing provides retailers to showcase their products in a digitally evolved setting, attracting potential new customers. In terms of safety concerns, it also reduces the need for unnecessary physical interaction, especially during COVID19, without limiting human interference.

RA-Signage is the one of the most advanced advertising and telepresence mobile platforms in the world today. It utilizes the latest trends in AI and machine learning to provide an exceptional solution and a memorable experience when promoting products and services.

RoboSignage is the future of advertising and customer service. RoboAds’ team is dedicated towards developing advanced service robots that actually enhance people’s lives.

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