Run Naked Through the Office? 28 Million Americans Would Rather Do So Than Reveal Their Pay

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Twenty-eight million Americans (11%) would rather run naked through the workplace than let co-workers know what they earn, suggests a new poll.

Another 34% of poll respondents, translating to 88 million Americans, wouldn’t rule it out, while barely half (55%) would rather let co-workers know their pay, according to the survey of 1,276 Americans conducted by YouGov, for Trusaic, a leading provider of equal pay compliance software and consulting.

"We are definitely NOT advocating that people run naked through the workplace," stresses Matt Gotchy, Trusaic’s VP of Marketing. "Quite the opposite. We urge all Americans to remain clothed in the office."

But Trusaic would like to see more pay transparency – the ability to know how much co-workers earn. "Greater pay transparency is shown to help reduce both gender and racial-ethnic pay gaps," says Gotchy.

Poll respondents were asked "If you HAD to choose, which ONE of the following two things would you rather do:

  • Run naked through the office or workplace in front of your coworkers.
  • Allow your co-workers to know how much you earn?

Far more men (14%) than women (9%) would prefer to run naked than to reveal their pay. 16% of those aged 18-24 agreed, versus 10% of those 55+.

The survey also found that just 18% of Americans would be happy for all their co-workers to know what they earn, while only 14% of US employees already know what all their co-workers earn and just 15% have employer permission and easy access to find out.

Trusaic’s survey also found:

  • Over half (57%) of Americans would oppose the U.S. copying Norway by publishing info on everyone’s income online for all to access
  • But 28% like the idea, with younger workers twice as for the idea as older ones
  • Just one seventh (14%) of U.S. employees know what all their co-workers earn, while a third (32%) know what none of them earn
  • Just 18% of Americans would be happy for all their co-workers to know what they earn
  • Just 15% of US employees have employer permission and access to find out what all their co-workers earn 

Methodology: The survey was conducted online by YouGov. Sample size: 1276 adults. The figures are weighted and representative of all US adults (aged 18+).

About Trusaic: Trusaic is a regulatory compliance software company that helps businesses reduce risks and maximize opportunities. We address complex, ever-changing regulations that impact employee health, diversity, equity, inclusion, hiring, and retention processes. Our solutions combine advanced data analytics with human expertise to ensure our clients have comprehensive, customized support.

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