Scale At Speed Webinar Series Launches Tuesday May 25

LONDON, May 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — For every entrepreneur who can put their business in the proper position to be acquired, thousands never hit scale fast enough, dead-ending their chances to be sold for a significant income-multiplying price tag. So, while the ability to do so is before many every day, the reality is few have the experience or insight to know what to do, how to do it, or who to do the work with. Enter 2Y3X’s founder Felix Velarde, a serial advertising and digital services agency founder who has successfully gone the exit route on multiple occasions and helped other agency founders and leaders mimic his success.

Velarde and his team of global consultants are kicking off a ten-week webinar series on Tuesday, May 25th, all based upon his book, “Scale at Speed,” that will be released on June 10th. Each webinar will feature a member of the 2Y3X team and previous clients who have gone through the “Scale at Speed” program and successfully grown or sold their business.

“Our program is a two-year crash course that’s all about business growth, acceleration, and scaling up at speed,” said Felix Velarde, the founder of 2Y3X and author of Scale at Speed. “We don’t provide the answers. We provide the path to success and the sale of the business at a higher multiple than most industry averages because we’re all educating the leadership about the realities of growth. Then we show them how to actually do it in practice, with us at their side at every step.”

The webinar series, which begins on Tuesday, May 25th will cover:

May 25-Intro to 2Y3X & Strategic Goals: Any plan is better than no plan. Bigger and braver goals force us to adapt, to make a plan that will actually move us closer to achieving them. We’ll share how we take clients from the ‘end goal’ to today. Working backwards to identify what needs to happen each year for them to succeed. FOCUS: GOAL SETTING THEORY, STRATEGY PLANNING, CULTURE

June 1-The Process: The lowdown on how the 2Y3X programme is structured. You’ll learn how to build a growth lab team and co-create a plan of action to start scaling at speed. 2Y3X’s Felix Velarde will arm you with the next actionable steps to set your goals, align your team and grow your business. FOCUS: STRATEGY/PLANNING

June 7th-People: People are your foundation. The right people will build the future of your business from the ground up. But how do you hire great people and let C-players go? Join this session to find out. FOCUS: TEAMS, ALIGNMENT, VALUES, HIRING, DELEGATION

June 14-Customers: To grow, your customers need to be happy and profitable. It’s a fine balancing act. Discover how to use the 2Y3X roadmap to focus your resources and manage customer satisfaction. FOCUS: CUSTOMERS, PROFIT, COMMUNITY

June 22-Sales & Marketing: A guide to escaping the unpredictable sales funnel. How to line up several functions and have them running in parallel to bring in a stable flow of new customers. FOCUS: LEAD GENERATION, CONVERSION, MARKETING, CUSTOMERS

June 28-Finance & Corporate: How can you communicate the needs of the business if your employees are puzzled about the financial side of the business? Join us to learn how to create clarity with your growth lab team members so they can deliver more efficient systems and processes. FOCUS: FINANCES / TEAMS / P&L

July 5-Processes: A deeper dive into how to create a series of new processes to underpin your growth strategy. These processes will provide the tools and resources required (manuals for interviewing, how to measure efficiency and maintain profits etc. These should grow as you do, evolving and being kept alive. This session will explore how a new process can be designed and implemented and how it will benefit the company in the future. FOCUS: ROADMAPS

July 20-Bringing it together & emergency planning: Post-pandemic business growth 101 – how to use the 2Y3X methodology to scale all areas of your business, one step at a time. FOCUS: QUICKMAP PROGRAMME

July 26-How to begin: How to put the 2Y3X methodology into practice. How you can approach it yourself or how a consultant can support and guide you through the process. Hear from 2Y3X clients about their experiences. FOCUS: THE METHODOLOGY

For more information about the webinars visit the Scale At Speed Events webpage.

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