Solar Illumination Distinguishes Landmark Signs at New Henkel Campus

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Solar powered illumination is just part of the success of a recent partnership between Henkel Corporation and ID Signsystems. Henkel Corporation, a leading manufacturer of well-known beauty care brands like Dial® soap and Persil, identified a need for brand signage at their newest expansion and turned to IDS for solutions.

The work of this project is what really stands out. In order to identify, test, and produce the best and most cost-effective solutions for Henkel, IDS devised a lighting legibility study using 3D modeled prototypes. A prototype was also tested to demonstrate the solar illumination approach and materials were carefully selected.

“The applications for solar signage are rapidly expanding. Henkel presented the perfect solar scenario for large landmark signage that was also remote from immediate power sources,” said IDS President Paul Dudley.

The IDS-Henkel Design Facilitation Process:

  • Design Phase. IDS provided a strategic signage master plan for possible opportunities including the use of a solar powered energy supply to radically cut down on electrical installation costs to remote sign locations.
  • Engineering Phase. IDS developed full fabrication documentation that met heightened review requirements of the city planners and engineers. In addition, IDS devised a lighting legibility study using 3D modeled prototypes.
  • Fabrication Phase. All signs were built in-house after a prototype was tested to demonstrate the illumination approach. Solar powered units went through rigorous testing to ensure functionality and light output performance.
  • Installation Phase. IDS managed the approval process and installed the signs and the solar illumination system.

Henkel’s newest expansion in Geneva, NY, included a $17.3 million investment in new equipment and technology.

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