SRW Agency Elevates Long-time Team Members to C-Suite Leadership; Wins New Partnerships

The natural foods agency has promoted many team members in addition to expanding its portfolio into pet care, meal delivery and medical food

CHICAGO, Sept. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SRW Agency, an independent, full-service marketing agency known for growing natural health and wellness companies, announced the addition of many new clients to their expanding roster. The agency is also thrilled to recognize the hard work and dedication of its longtime team members by promoting them to key leadership positions.

SRW has strengthened its position as the leading agency of record for food and beverage brands with a focus on wellness consumers by inking recent partnerships with UNREAL, Tovala, Aurora Organic Dairy, and Sedron Technologies, in addition to adding or expanding its scopes of work with Enterade, 3 Farm Daughters, Himalaya Wellness, Catalina Crunch and Primal Pet Foods earlier this year.

“We are working with clients that were on our literal vision board as we created this agency,” said Kate Weidner, co-founder and CEO of SRW.  “It doesn’t get better than that. As we elevate the people who have been instrumental in driving our business growth, we know they will continue to further our mission of challenging the traditional agency model, for our people and our partners. There is nothing we love more than helping fellow disruptive forces create the industry change they desire.”

Strong teams in Boulder and Chicago have led the agency toward its eighth consecutive year of YoY growth and are being promoted accordingly. These team members include:

  • Julie Baker, Chief of Staff
  • Courtney Dixon, Chief Operating Officer
  • Ed Velasco, Chief Revenue Officer
  • Jenna Ogle, Director of Partnerships
  • Amie Stephens, Vice President, Account Director
  • Kayley Beerling, Senior Project Manager
  • Brianna Lyons-Willis, Senior Project Manager
  • Kelly Moroney, Senior Project Manager
  • Alexa Perez, Senior Project Manager
  • Besty Roche, Senior Paid Media Manager
  • Louis Comte, Social Media Manager
  • MK Mulligan, Public Relations Manager

These promotions not only recognize the exceptional talent within the agency but also underscore SRW’s commitment to nurturing and advancing its own team members.

Julie Baker, Courtney Dixon and Ed Velasco’s promotions will be part of forming the agency’s first executive committee, to lead the day-to-day operations of SRW, with oversight from its founders.

Charlie Stone, co-founder and chairman of SRW, expressed his enthusiasm for this recent development, stating, “As you grow your business you always hope that you will find a leader within your company that can help it grow for the future. In our case, we have been very fortunate to cultivate three agency leaders, in addition to our amazing long-time hires in leadership roles across our creative, strategy, media, influencer marketing and public relations work.”

As SRW continues to expand its client roster and strengthen its leadership team, the agency remains steadfast in its commitment to providing exceptional client services. The agency is leveraging AI to drive efficiency for partners as it plans for January 2024, the biggest month for BFY brands. Through more efficient workflows and a stronger team, SRW is well-positioned to continue delivering outstanding results for its clients.

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