TAVO Media Group Partners with Psychologist Dr. Carla Gabris to Build a Brand Focused on Anxiety Treatment for Children, Adults, and Families

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — TAVO Media Group (www.tavomediagroup.com) announces its partnership with psychologist Dr. Carla Gabris (www.drcarlagabris.com)  to develop a comprehensive brand strategy promoting her practice as a specialist in anxiety treatment for children, adults, and families.

Dr. Gabris focuses on helping children and teens reconnect with their emotions and develop essential in-person relational skills often compromised by overstimulation from electronic devices. She assists parents in establishing healthy boundaries around the use of electronics, video games, and cell phones, ensuring a balanced approach to the digital world.

Gabris recognizes the academic pressure children and adolescents face in today’s competitive environment. She empowers patients to cope with this pressure effectively, fostering resilience and personal growth. Her extensive experience in treating ADHD, anxiety disorders, and various behavioral and adjustment difficulties, such as bullying and sibling conflicts, has garnered her a strong reputation within the field.

The collaboration between TAVO and Dr. Gabris aims to build a brand raising awareness about the importance of mental health in children, adults, and families while showcasing Dr. Gabris’ expertise and unique treatment approach. By leveraging TAVO’s marketing and branding capabilities, Dr. Gabris will have the opportunity to reach a wider audience and impact the lives of those struggling with anxiety-related issues.

“We are excited to partner with Dr. Gabris and support her mission to improve the mental well-being of her patients,” said Bryant Walker, Founder and CEO of TAVO. “Dr. Gabris’ dedication and expertise in the field of anxiety treatment is remarkable, and together, we aim to build a brand that empowers individuals and fosters resilience in the face of life’s challenges.”

Dr. Gabris expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership: “Through this partnership with TAVO, I hope to reach more individuals and families who can benefit from the specialized treatment I offer, ultimately leading them to happier and healthier lives.”

The collaboration between TAVO Media Group and Dr. Gabris represents an exciting opportunity to positively impact the mental health landscape. By combining Dr. Gabris’ expertise with TAVO Media Group’s branding and marketing capabilities, the partnership aims to provide essential resources and support to individuals and families struggling with anxiety-related challenges.

Anne Stendel
Public Relations Specialist


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