The Verdict Is In: A Hot Dog Isn’t a Sandwich

63% of surveyed Americans have agreed that the beloved summer staple is indeed not a sandwich

COLUMBIA, S.C., July 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — America has spoken, solving the age-old question if a hot dog is a sandwich. In a survey conducted by Cognito Forms, a premier online form builder, Americans across the country have weighed in on whether a hot dog is considered a sandwich or not.

A whopping 63% of survey participants agree a hot dog is its own entity, despite its “between bread” similarity to the sandwich. The brand used its enterprise tool to sample eaters everywhere and whether frank debaters are team hotdog or team sandwich, glizzy-centered arguments are now supported by Cognito Forms’ stats.

Sourcing data to back barbeque debates and summertime cuisine quarrels only scratches the surface of Cognito Form’s ability. This fun, blood-pressure-inducing topic further proves the need for customizable solutions for the insights needed the most.

“At Cognito Forms, we are passionate about customizable experiences for all. This fun survey was a wonderful way to kick off the summer, and while I may be surprised by the outcome, I am thrilled to see such a positive reaction to our solution,” said Jamie Thomas, CEO of Cognito Forms. “We are proud to offer businesses the ability to create forms and workflows that help to deepen insights and support informed business decisions, no matter how thought-provoking or challenging.”

This Independence Day, as Americans everywhere enjoy their “not sandwich,” Cognito Forms is cooking up tailor-made solutions for optimized workflows across the country, and even may be looking toward settling more culinary debates. After all, we still haven’t decided if pineapple belongs on pizza…

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