Videommerce Introduces a New SaaS Platform to Help Clients Immediately Connect with Customers by Creating Clickable, Easily Translated Videos for Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

WARSAW, Poland, Aug. 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Videommerce officially unveiled its SaaS platform dedicated to helping startups, entrepreneurs, and SMBs build interactive relationships with their customers using dynamic, clickable videos that grab attention and deliver content for exciting, personalized, and fully customizable experiences. Videommerce’s software allows users to upload Google Slides and build attention-grabbing presentations through a series of drag-and-drop scene layers, photos, text editing, animations, and more – all with full editing control. And with an extensive voiceover library of over 10,000 pre-recordings, Videommerce allows you to give each interactive video a professional yet personal touch. Videommerce offers a free introductory plan to get clients started.

"Combining communication in the customers native language, with the feeling of participation, being part of your story, will bring incredible results influencing your sales, marketing and customer service" said Adam Golub, Co-Founder and CEO at Videommerce. "Customers want to feel like they are in control, and interactive video gives them the freedom of choice to watch what they want, learn about and what to buy. You have just seconds to grab their attention and hope that they stick around long enough to hear your message. Dynamic and interactive video content is key – content that doesn’t just feed them information, but allows them to become part of the show. You have to give them an immediate solution to their question or problem, and our creation software allows you to do just that. We’ve reduced bounce rates by 32%, increased viewer interaction time by 58%, increased quality leads by 50%, and doubled conversion rates."

Videommerce: How It Works

Each interactive video can be created in just minutes – no tech expertise needed – and then linked to a home page and shared across social media sites.

  1. Create: Craft videos from scratch, upload videos, or transform Google Slides into an editable video.
  2. Personalize: Animate text, images; add hotspots, pop-ups, social media and more; eliminate the need to switch between multiple tools. Add, edit, and rework projects seamlessly.
  3. Interact: Build a wide variety of unlimited pathways and clickable interactions that grab customers’ attention; generate qualified leads, sell directly. 
  4. Embed: Gather important data that measures views, interactions, and other engagement; create useful surveys. 
  5. Translate: Viewers enjoy auto-translated videos to experience content in their native language; reach out to a global audience.
  6. Amaze: Impress customers with two-way interactive and personalized communication at scale.

For the latest tools, along with helpful tips on how to engage with customers via informative and interactive videos, visit Videommerce on social media: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn.

About Videommerce

Videommerce is an Interactive video growth platform that helps businesses guide new visitors and nurture new customers into lifelong fans. Using a simple process that transforms uploaded content into clickable video pathways, Videommerce can help sell more products, onboard new customers, and reduce churn immediately. Videommerce helps clients grab viewers’ attention and keep it, with real-time interactions that are engaging and interesting. Videommerce has produced videos loved by major companies including Skoda, T-Mobile, Aviva, Sephora, Carrefour, Oriflame, Bosch, Canon, Orange, and more. Explore the simple video creation process at:

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