WestMetric Defends Controversial On-Page SEO Services for the Era of AI

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Amidst the rise of AI-dominated content, WestMetric, a leading digital marketing agency, is proudly defending its controversial approach to SEO, emphasizing the critical role of organic traffic above vanity rankings. Artificial intelligence tools like GPT language learning models have opened the floodgates of shady “black hat” SEO practices. The only way to fight back as a growth oriented-business is to perfect the content on pages published to the web.

Contrary to the unpredictable nature of standard bad SEO practices, WestMetric champions the timeless significance of quality on-page fundamentals. “Relevance and timeliness are paramount,” says Brandi Frye, Founder of WestMetric. “We craft SEO strategies that highlight the essential aspects of our clients’ web pages, ensuring a logical flow that enhances user experience.”

WestMetric’s unique approach centers on building customized SEO strategies tailored to page content and audience. Unlike the common race for the top spot on search engine results pages (SERPs), WestMetric focuses on creating well-optimized pages with a focus on essential elements such as meta titles, descriptions, sitemaps, and high-quality content. This emphasis on the basics, coupled with the power of granular analytics, positions clients for long-term success in the digital marketplace but is controversial to some traditional SEO firms.

“Our goal isn’t merely to claim the vanity trophy of being #1 on SERPs,” Frye continues. “We prioritize driving real human traffic, increasing sales, and growing revenue for our clients. Every SEO strategy we create is meticulously designed to align with our clients’ objectives and to lead to a surge in qualified organic traffic.”

With a wealth of experience spanning diverse business verticals, including B2B and B2C in highly competitive markets, WestMetric has earned a reputation for excellence as an ecommerce SEO agency. The agency’s team of seasoned marketing specialists brings unparalleled expertise to the table, offering transparent communication and weekly updates on project status and progress. Clients can expect professional SEO insights and guidance, ensuring their digital presence is not only optimized but also strategically aligned with their business goals.

Businesses seeking a transformative SEO experience are invited to connect with WestMetric Performance Digital Marketing Agency. Prospective clients can request a customized proposal tailored to their unique requirements, or opt for an instant package order to secure their spot with the industry leader in on-page SEO services.

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WestMetric is a top-rated digital marketing agency specializing in innovative SEO strategies tailored to individual businesses. With a focus on on-page fundamentals and a deep understanding of AI-driven insights, WestMetric empowers clients to achieve sustainable growth in the competitive digital landscape. Learn more at westmetric.com.

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