Which Presidential Candidate is Making the Most Impact with Their Marketing Campaign?

LEHI, Utah, Oct. 8, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — 97th Floor, one of the leading integrated digital marketing agencies in the world, today announced a new study comparing the Trump, Biden and West 2020 Presidential election marketing campaigns. The study highlights the strengths and weaknesses of each marketing campaign, compares key messages, tactics and budget spends, and shows which candidate is having the most impact on voters on specific marketing channels, including campaign websites, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, email marketing, social media, SEO, design, mobile applications, and television commercials.

“This presidential election is shaping up to be one of the most contentious of our lifetime and, from what we’re seeing, the Trump and Biden digital marketing campaigns couldn’t be more different,” said Paxton Gray, CEO of 97th Floor. “Our study found big marketing mistakes on both sides, which could be costing the candidates campaign dollars, time, and votes. With the election only 26 days away, the candidates are running out of time to prepare improvements that could make a difference before ballot day, but we hope this study provides insights on the digital front for future campaigns.”

Key highlights of the 2020 97th Floor Presidential Election Marketing Campaigns study include:

  • Google Ads:
    • The Trump campaign paid for the keywords “how to impeach trump,” along with “speedo swim trunks,” “mens xxl swim shorts,” “trump is a disaster,” and “trump fraud.”
    • Florida is getting the most ad dollars. Florida alone accounts for $32.7M in Google Ad spend and 8.51% of ad budget between the two candidates– the largest percentage of any state.
  • Facebook Ads:
    • The Trump team’s Facebook Ads ask users to take one-sided surveys like “Official Democrat Corruption Accountability Survey” that sow distrust in Democrats, priming the user for the final question, How much will you be donating today?
    • Trump’s most engaged audience skews older, Biden’s is more female.
  • TV spots:
    • The Biden campaign is capturing swing state markets, while Trump’s campaign is spending more on the national market.
    • Florida the priority for the Biden campaign’s televised commercial push, with $4,460,000 spent so far (27% of their total commercial budget). The Biden campaign has created five different ads specifically for Florida. All the while the Trump campaign has ignored the Florida market.
  • Email:
    • The Trump campaign lies about the content in his emails. Using subject lines like “Supreme Court Choice Attached.” But, when readers open the email there are no attachments or mentions of the enticing content in the subject lines.
  • Social media:
    • 77% of Trump supporters will mention Democrats over social media, while 38% of Biden’s supporters mention Republicans over social media.
  • Kanye West:
    • Kanye West isn’t engaging in any official advertising for his Presidential ballot.
    • West’s email collection form is poorly designed, appearing identical to the text that surrounds it, and if a user can locate and fill out the form, they won’t receive any emails from the West campaign.

For more information on 97th Floor’s 2020 Presidential Election Marketing Campaigns study, visit: www.getthatvote.com/.

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