Wild Card Creative Group and BlueMoon AI Partner on Advertising AI Innovation Stack Powered by AMD

VO Sim is first tool in stack and provides secure voice simulation for creative material development

LOS ANGELES, March 26, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Award winning Wild Card Creative Group (WCCG) and BlueMoon AI announced today that they have joined forces to develop a pioneering AI innovation stack tailored for advertising materials creation, harnessing cutting-edge AMD technology. This ground-breaking initiative, developed through close collaboration between WCCG’s Founder and CCO, Nick Temple, CEO Alison Temple, alongside BlueMoon AI’s CEO Jason Yang and CCO Helena Packer, aims to empower storytellers with AI-driven efficiencies, streamline workflows and adapt to the evolving marketplace while enabling creatives to focus on their craft.

The inaugural tool within the WCCG AI Innovation Stack is the VO Sim. By securely recording lines with desired directional reads, editors can efficiently assess the effectiveness of concepts without unnecessary time investment. Furthermore, the VO Sim serves as a potent tool for illustrating concepts to clients, fostering improved communication and understanding.

Stringent safeguards have been implemented to ensure that simulated lines undergo thorough scrutiny, preventing any slip-throughs during the finishing process. This commitment to quality control distinguishes the VO Sim as the first of its kind – an on-premise solution devoid of cloud reliance or third-party generators.

In addition to product development, WCCG and BlueMoon AI are committed to fostering a continued culture of innovation and collaboration. Together they have established the BlueMoon Studio at Wild Card Creative Group, serving as a hub for clients, filmmakers, industry leaders, technology partners, and the press to engage with and learn about the latest advancements in AI-driven marketing solutions.

WCCG Founder and CCO, Nick Temple, and WCCG CEO, Alison Temple, said: ‘The partnership with BlueMoon AI represents a step forward in the convergence of art and technology, underscoring the vital connection between creativity and innovation in the modern marketing landscape. This technology was developed for creatives, by creatives and we look forward to introducing our clients to all the tools that we will be rolling out in the AI innovation stack.”

Jason Yang, CEO of BlueMoon AI, adds, ‘WCCG is an award-winning global entertainment agency with a remarkable track record of collaboration on cutting-edge film such as Dune, The Bikeriders, Barbie, Killers of the Flower Moon, American Fiction, Avatar and many titles from the Marvel and DC universe. Their dedication to forward-thinking and partnership perfectly aligns with our vision, making them perfect partners for this endeavor. We are excited about the possibilities that lie ahead as we work together to push the boundaries of creativity and innovation in the marketing industry.”

Founded in 2007, award-winning Wild Card Creative Group, led by husband-and-wife team of Nick and Alison Temple, is a continuously evolving global entertainment agency. Our diverse ensemble of creators, strategists, and innovators crafts insights-driven content and experiences that captivate today’s ever-changing media audience, transporting them into the world of your brand or entertainment. With a distinguished history of collaboration on groundbreaking films such as Dune, The Bikeriders, Barbie, Killers of the Flower Moon, American Fiction, Avatar, and titles from the Marvel and DC universe, our ethos is to challenge norms, inviting everyone to be part of an extraordinary narrative. Within our ecosystem lies 3AM, a content innovation studio, transforming narratives into immersive experiences that keep consumers returning.

BlueMoon AI is dedicated to developing AI toolkits tailored for the creative communities in the advertising and entertainment sectors. In an era marked by shortened timelines and economized budgets, AI-driven tools empower storytellers to maintain relevance and adaptability in the marketplace. Our mission at BlueMoon AI is to pave the way for creative expression by streamlining workflows with AI efficiencies, allowing creatives to focus on their craft. Our team’s expertise in AI engineering, advertising, and filmmaking, gives us a unique perspective in the challenges of AI integration. Our bespoke AI toolkits seamlessly integrate with existing pipelines, enhancing editorial, audio and character creation processes. Whether it’s through hardware or software solutions, our AI stack optimizes every aspect of the creative process.

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