World’s First Internet Marketing and Design Agency Celebrates Momentous 25th Anniversary with Surprise Announcement

Acclaimed digital marketing, publishing and design agency Azam Marketing is celebrating its milestone silver anniversary in August with twenty-five philanthropic donations.

LONDON, Aug. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Since its founding in the embryonic days of the world wide web in August 1997, Azam has grown into one of the most renowned internet marketing agencies in the world.

Azam Marketing has served 1,088 clients over the quarter of a century, including Coca-Cola, Disney, Nike, Swatch, Google, Dell, IBM, and Hilton, and won numerous prestigious industry awards for producing exceptional results.

The company has expanded its services from specialising in the 1990s in affiliate marketing, search engine optimisation and web design to, in the 2000s, email marketing and CRM, and, in the 2010s, social media marketing, mobile app development and business consultancy.

To mark the anniversary, Nadeem Azam, the Founder and CEO of Azam Marketing, has announced the company is donating USD $30,650 (GBP £25,000 / EUR €29,870) to twenty-five charities selected by its current and former staff, consultants and clients. The registered charities are in the following sectors: social welfare, education, medical research, international development, animal welfare and the environment.

The company has received congratulatory messages from dozens of sources on its landmark birthday. "We would like to offer Azam Marketing our sincerest congratulations on their seminal 25th anniversary," states Azim Suleman, Principal Solicitor at Bromptons Solicitors. "We have fortunately had the continuous benefit of Azam Marketing’s professional services for over 10 years. Azam Marketing has become an indispensable and integral part of our growth and success by reason of the sheer hard work and dedication of their team, enabling us to enjoy a highly effective online presence."

In honor of its silver anniversary, the agency has released a revelatory showreel video and articles exposing titbits from its experiences over the years. Find them at: .

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Azam Marketing is the world’s oldest existing internet marketing, design and publishing agency.

The agency has generated over $1.4 billion in sales for clients and has specialist divisions dedicated to social media, search, email and performance marketing, as well as web design and development, mobile app development and business consultancy.

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