Adsposure Starts ‘We’re Back’ Campaign in Chicagoland

CHICAGO, Aug. 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — When Adsposure entered in a partnership with Pace Suburban Bus in 2020 to sell ads on their bus assets, the Coronavirus Pandemic was coming into its worst stretch. Now, a year later, businesses are coming back in full swing and people are returning to the streets and buses of Chicagoland.

"Whether it’s good or bad we embarked in this new adventure at a really difficult time," Jessica Husted, Adsposure Chicago Account Executive, said. "We now know what it’s felt like, and what a lot of businesses have had to go through. We are coming out of it, just like all of our other neighbors and friends."

While Adsposure never left, the We’re Back campaign emphasizes the new normal life Chicagoans are living with as vaccination rates continue to climb, and more people feel comfortable going back out. With that comes a renewed emphasis on getting businesses to advertise on Pace.

"Being able to partner with such an awesome transit partner as Pace and being able to utilize their awesome assets to grow your business, grow your brand, it can’t be beat," Jason Klare, Vice President of Sales, said.

Over the past year, Adsposure has focused on making the most of the advertising opportunities Pace brings to the table, with buses, shelters and paratransit. Despite the pandemic causing hesitancy among advertisers, Adsposure’s efforts have helped infuse increased revenue for Pace, which goes directly back to the communities they service, at a time when it was needed the most.

"We’ve seen an energetic group of people that are really focused on generating that revenue that we all want to bring in," Doug Sullivan, Manager of External Relations at Pace Suburban Bus, said. "Adsposure’s interest in making their paid advertising look great only helps to benefit the Pace brand and generate more interest in that advertising space as something that’s valuable for our region’s businesses."

Advertisers and agencies interested in transit advertising opportunities in Chicago can find more information at or call the local Adsposure office at 833-940-1276.

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Since 2003, Adsposure and its parent company, Advertising Vehicles, have been helping advertisers do more than simply stand out among media noise. Adsposure helps advertisers and ad agencies surpass marketing goals by increasing the frequency and reach of their Out of Home Advertising efforts and have helped transit authorities realize millions of dollars in untapped earning potential. Headquartered in Cincinnati, Adsposure has offices in Chicago, Des Moines, Fort Worth, Kansas City, Lexington, Nashville, and San Antonio.

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