Amada Senior Care Uses MapBusinessOnline for Franchise Territory Planning

CORNISH, Maine, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — SpatialTEQ Inc., publisher of North America’s popular business mapping software, announces today the Internet publication of a new case study describing the actual application of MapBusinessOnline business mapping software at a significant senior care franchising organization.

Amada Senior Care’s Daina Cencebaugh, the Franchise Development and Territory Manager for this growing senior care franchise operation and the primary MapBusinessOnline user, described the case study.

In the MapBusinessOnline case study, Daina outlines the many ways in which the online business mapping software benefits a care operation while also providing a map-based franchise sales tool. "Accurate demographic territory maps from MapBusinessOnline are critical to successful franchise sales," according to Cencebaugh.

MapBusinessOnline provides easy-to-use business mapping tools that are a natural fit for mobile health care professionals who often use the tool to monitor field staff, share patient statuses, and create compelling map visualizations of business operations. Health care agencies use MapBusinessOnline to:

  • Create coverage area maps that describe the field of operations, including critical business data such as patient and clinician home locations, and critical business resource locations.
  • Build compelling market analysis maps for expansion planning. Territory analysis views combine demographic data and customer location data into map-based market analysis.
  • Design territory maps that define the business opportunity and provide an accurate visualization of franchise potential for potential franchisees. Maps are a selling tool for Amada franchise sales managers.

Read the Amada Senior Care MapBusinessOnline Case study here:

About Amada Senior Care

Amada Senior Care is America’s trusted resource for caregiving, and long-term care insurance claims advocacy. Amada has become one of the largest and fastest growing in-home care franchise organizations in Southern California and is rapidly growing into new areas. With a rapidly expanding senior population, non-medical in-home care franchises are perfectly positioned for tremendous growth.

Contact: 877-44AMADA

About MapBusinessOnline

From the creators of BusinessMAP, has been providing sales & marketing professionals with affordable and intuitive cloud-based business mapping software, for Mac and PC users, since 2010. Design, edit, and share maps that reflect your business. Create and manage sales territories that drive accountability into your sales force. Develop map-based market analysis. Generate location-based business intelligence. Replace discontinued Microsoft MapPoint with MapBusinessOnline. Access optimized multi-stop routes to lower travel costs. No other mapping software solves so many problems for such a small investment.

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SOURCE SpatialTEQ Inc.

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