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LONDON, Nov. 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Clear Ads provides valuable resources on its website for Amazon businesses looking to maximize their sales and profitability. The globally renowned Amazon DSP program PPC advertising agency has recently added a blog article that shares its insights on the how-to and importance of building an Amazon review profile.

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Clear Ads states, "There is one vital aspect driving Amazon success that many sellers overlook, and that’s building – and maintaining – a strong review profile." Reviews are one of the most important factors that influence the decision stage during the consumer purchasing journey. The company points to a statistic by the US software company Power Reviews that estimates an increase from zero reviews to one review can boost the likelihood of conversion by as much as 65%.

Reviews also prove to be just as vital to the seller. "Customer reviews are a massively valuable form of feedback, enabling retailers to conduct in-depth sentiment analysis and adapt their approach as needed to engage customers," says the Amazon PPC agency. An increase in retailers shifting to online operations is creating an incredibly competitive marketplace where reviews can instantly be the major differentiator between products with similar features, functionality and price points.

Following an investigation launched by the Financial Times into suspicious activity regarding enabling or facilitating fake reviews, Amazon now takes a very strict approach to product reviews. However, Clear Ads outlines some of the most effective ways to build a strong product review profile on Amazon that are easy to implement:

  • Generate reviews organically.
  • Ask for reviews.
  • Cross-sell.
  • Offer an incentive.
  • Select products for the early reviewer program.
  • Enroll in Amazon vine.

And when it comes to handling any poor reviews that may come in, Clear Ads suggests, "Embrace them. Poor reviews are an opportunity to learn. They’re also an opportunity to demonstrate your commitment to providing great buying experiences for your customers."

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