Direct Mail Marketing Company DK Solutions Named One of Fastest Growing Companies in the United States

NEW YORK, Aug. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Inc Magazine announced that DK Solutions, a direct mail marketing firm specializing in targeted lead generation, was one of the 5,000 fastest-growing private companies in America, a significant milestone for the company and the direct mail industry in general.

"Direct Mail marketing is not often thought of as a fast-growing industry, so this is not just a win for our company, but for the industry in general," said Liran Kapoano, co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, DK Solutions. "We executed under extremely difficult conditions over the past three years, but mostly we’re just thrilled that this marketing tactic is making a huge comeback in the 21st century," he continued.

DK Solutions was also among the top 100 fastest growing companies in New Jersey and 300 fastest growing companies in the greater New York City region. There are approximately 30 million businesses in the United States, and about 900,000 in New Jersey.

Founded in 2015, DK Solutions began with a vision to create a marketing company focused on reducing the overall waste and cost that is often associated with the direct mail industry. As experienced marketers with years of digital and print advertising experience, DK Solutions co-founders Joel Dickstein (CEO) and Liran Kapoano (COO) knew the power of direct mail from when they worked together at another firm during the 2000’s.

"It had been a long road fighting through the normal day to day challenges of a start-up company. Then the pandemic hit," Dickstein said. "Then came inflation. I am proud of our team for persevering as we look forward to taking on new clients and expanding into new verticals."

Up until the mid-2000s, direct mail was a primary marketing tactic for many direct-to-consumer businesses. With the advent of digital advertising, many businesses left this marketing method behind. As companies abandoned direct mail in favor of paid search, SEO, and social media, a nearly 20-year gap of expertise developed in the field, which Dickstein and Kapoano sought to fill.

"Today, whether you are a brand or a marketer, differentiating yourself from competitors in the digital space, while keeping up with the endless arms race of algorithm shifts, spam filters, ‘promotions tabs,’ and the rise and fall of various platforms is excruciating," Kapoano said. "In our world, none of that matters. If you have a compelling message, the right prospect list, and your ad catches someone’s eye when they go to their mailbox – you’ll get a response."

"There’s no spam filter for your mailbox," he added.

To eliminate waste and keep costs low, DK Solutions developed its TargetList methodology to only send mail to the likeliest prospects for a product within a given zip code, eliminating 80% or even 95% of possible addresses that mostly consist of disinterested non-responders.

Dickstein and Kapoano are looking towards the future with new and exciting plans for expanding their company’s client base and positioning themselves as the premier direct mail marketing company for the 2020’s.

"We are extremely proud to be included in the Inc 5000 list," Dickstein said. "It’s pretty incredible to be in the company of former Inc honorees like Microsoft, Under Armour, Chobani, and so many other household brands."

Inc will be hosting its 2022 Conference and Gala from October 19 – 21 in Phoenix, Arizona, to celebrate honoree companies’ achievements. The event will include special guests and speakers and offers numerous networking activities for those in attendance.


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