Intellifluence Reaches 200,000 Active Users

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Jan. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ —┬áRecently exceeding 180,000 influencers and 20,000 brands, Intellifluence has now crossed the threshold of 200,000 active users on its influencer marketing network.

"Chasing Metcalfe’s law is a difficult prospect for all networks, regardless of the industry focus," said Joe Sinkwitz, CEO and Co-Founder of Intellifluence. "However, what most people may not understand is that by servicing two sides of a marketplace with inverse needs, as a company we need to be both mindful of chicken-and-egg supply vs demand side constraints all while maintaining that network growth. It’s a balancing act, but thankfully it’s working and we’re having fun!"

Intellifluence as a warm contact network provides match-making technology that makes it easy for brands to connect with and manage the workflow of campaigns with real influencers over all facets of social media who have opted-in to work with brands.

"After we launched Influencer Offers last year our focus has been on enriching the feature set and user experience of the entire product," Sinkwitz continued. "Fortunately through this process the system based flywheels have helped to onboard new influencers by virtue of showing what’s possible with the new offers and have resulted in interested brands looking for an easier way to engage with influencers. Right now that means just over 180,000 influencers and over 21,000 brands. With a little luck and a lot more hard work, we’ll keep increasing those numbers to make the network more powerful for everyone involved."

With the continued growth, Intellifluence intends to continue in its mission of democratizing influence as a global leader in influencer transactions.

About Intellifluence

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona and established in 2016, Intellifluence is an influencer marketing platform that helps brands and influencers collaborate with ease. Intellifluence is also the home of the largest warm influencer network in the world, meaning each one of its over 180,000 opt-in influencers has joined the platform on their own and is ready to partner with brands. For more information on Intellifluence, please visit

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