Kairos Carolina Digital: The Digital Marketing Agency That Celebrates Diversity

Bruce Waller’s journey to building a BIPOC led digital marketing agency and overcoming learning disabilities.

ASHEVILLE, N.C. , May 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Kairos Carolina Digital is a Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) led digital marketing agency that provides top-notch outreach strategies and cutting-edge solutions to leverage business growth. With a strong belief in bold and authentic strategies, Kairos operates like a well-oiled machine to cater to every aspect of your marketing needs.

Founded by Bruce Waller, who brings over 20 years of community development, entrepreneurial, and outreach-marketing experience, Kairos Carolina Digital’s core mission is to use an equity lens at all stages of outreach and engagement. “Whether or not it is named in any specific part of the work, we do not discriminate but rather celebrate diversity not limited to race, ethnicity, gender, religion, culture, and intersectionality,” says Waller.

Kairos Carolina Digital’s work is guided by asset mapping, market research, and strategic campaign planning, and it leverages channels such as Social Media Marketing, outreach campaigns, Pay Per Click, Web Design, Lead Generation, Content Marketing, and Community Development. Over the years, the agency has worked extensively with public and private schools, social enterprises, small businesses, and regional non-profit organizations to help them reach their target audience.

At Kairos, we believe that if you want to grow a business, digital marketing and community development are the armor to do it the right way. As Waller puts it, “Our work is rooted in a commitment to ensuring that our clients are empowered to share their vision and narrative with the world.” Kairos Carolina Digital is unique in its ability to take your brand’s messaging to the next level, driving business growth and generating customer engagement.

But the journey to success wasn’t always easy for Waller. Despite being labeled mentally incapable in school and put in limiting classes, he is now determined to be the best version of himself and defy the odds as a Black Man with a family depending on him. “Starting my own business was the only way for me to break free from the constraints of other people’s expectations and financial limitations. It was an act of faith to liberate myself from oppressive systems that had held me back,” says Waller.

Waller’s story is one of overcoming learning disabilities and being written off as stupid by his community, to now operate two six-figure companies with a social responsibility to help others who have been labeled in any way and provide for his family as a loving husband and father of two.

“Never ask permission from others to be the greatest version of yourself,” says Waller, and at Kairos Carolina Digital, that’s the attitude that drives us. We celebrate diversity and use our experience and knowledge to empower our clients to share their stories with the world.

Bruce Waller


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