Measure Protocol Launches “Collective”: A Program for Individuals to Earn Money With Their Data

LONDON, Feb. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Measure Protocol has launched and is actively recruiting individuals to participate in its MSR app-based “Collective” communities for data sharing. With the goal of helping community participants profit from and take control of their own data, the new model guarantees the availability of jobs that pay a minimum per month (starting at $8USD) for completing a number of short data tasks, such as sharing behavioral data and completing two or three minute tasks within the app.

“We are seeing an awakening among consumers when it comes to truly understanding the value – and vulnerability – of their data. Similarly, we are seeing an awakening among brands looking for repeatable data quality,” said Owen Hanks, CEO of Measure Protocol. “We believe that our new Collective model helps reward both sides of the marketplace by placing value on the twin pillars of quality and fair compensation.”

Premium rewards and fair payment are key foundational aspects of Measure’s approach, and the new model illustrates this with its monthly income potential promise. Compensation levels are dependent on what types of data each user decides to share, with the first program providing a minimum of $8 per month and future opportunities ranging up to $25 monthly. By prioritizing individual privacy and user experience, Measure allows individuals to decide exactly when and where they share their data and who uses it.

The inaugural Collective program is designed to encourage continued participation and maximize payout for users. Key aspects of the initial program include:

  • Qualified users will receive, at minimum, one data task per week worth 100 MSR (approximately $1 USD) which takes around two to three minutes to complete.
  • After four weeks, if all four tasks are completed, a bonus of 400 MSR will be issued to the user’s app wallet (approximately $4 USD).
  • If users refer others to the app, they will earn an additional 20% bonus reward based on the amount their qualified referrals earn.

Hanks continued, “We believe this new program is a game changer for the market research industry, which is notorious for poor experiences and appallingly low rewards for respondents.”

The newly launched model seeks to recruit new participants who wish to make monthly income by sharing data in a variety of ways. This program is currently only available to MSR iOS app users in the United States, but Measure has plans to expand the program in the future.

There is limited space in the program and users must meet all criteria. For those interested, please join here

About Measure Protocol

Created to help consumers take ownership of their data and address data quality issues for buyers, Measure was founded in 2018 by a group of media, ad tech, and market research technology veterans. Measure is an open blockchain-based protocol that facilitates a marketplace for person-based data where individuals take control of their data and monetize it directly with researchers, advertisers and brands. Consumers contribute data by completing surveys and other data-generating tasks or by providing access to existing data sources such as health and location from within the company’s MSR App.

Founded on principles of data sovereignty, privacy, transparency and fair compensation, Measure provides an ecosystem that addresses challenges faced by the market research, advertising and AI industries. Measure Protocol won the 2019 ASC / MRS Award for Best Technology Innovation, and the 2020 Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Award for Technology Impact, powered by Quirks. @measureprotocol

Media contact: Marie Melsheimer,
, 541-815-3951

SOURCE Measure Protocol

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