Meet Greenlight Group: The Managers Behind Some of Gen-Z's Biggest Rising TikTok Stars Totaling Over 60 Million in Aggregate Following

WASHINGTON, Aug. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Talent management firm Greenlight Group proudly announced that it had built a growing audience of more than 60-million followers in aggregate for its wide variety of social-media influencer clients. Founded in 2020, Greenlight began as a group of dedicated talent managers, advisors, and social media experts, but has since evolved to include creative, advisory, and content-production services. Representing influencers in many different product-category niches, Greenlight has a proven record of growing audiences quickly on social media, with a particular skill working through TikTok.

"Pound for pound, I would say we’re the fastest growing talent management firm in the country right now, in terms of our ability to generate views and help our clients navigate tricky social media algorithms like TikTok," said Doug Landers, Partner at Greenlight. "We’ve been very fortunate."

Greenlight represents a client list that reads like a chart of TikTok all stars: Arianna Hailey, Wasil Daoud, Ayla Davis, Landen Purifoy and many others. While most parents wouldn’t recognize these names, to Gen-Z, the group has been all over the TikTok ‘For You’ page for months.

Greenlight is really built on a few pillars, Landers says. "The first is having a healthy personal relationship with our clients. We’re creative partners first and managers second. The issue we’ve seen is that a lot of managers secretly want to be influencers themselves. That’s the antithesis of Greenlight. We want to help our folks create great content while supporting them from behind the curtain. The second is working with influencers and celebrities that want to build more than just a social media following. They want to build a business and be entrepreneurial with their platform.

Greenlight’s role is to cultivate relationships with these social media superstars, while connecting them with brands that need screen time with the Gen-Z audience.

"Working with influencers is the key to digital marketing in the 21st century," says Michael Berkowitz, Partner at Greenlight Group. "Not only are you able to target niche audiences and demographics, but you have the ability to communicate with these audiences in a fun and engaging way – through the content created by their favorite influencers. The trick is in understanding how to integrate the message of an advertiser into the niche content of an influencer without disrupting the entertainment of the viewer, or the persona of the influencer. We know the influencers, their content, and their audiences better than anyone because of our involvement in the day-to-day. We’ve grown their audience, giving us the insight needed to design branded content that sticks" 

The success of Greenlight Group is a testament that the next generation is not just watching traditional cable anymore – it is all about new mediums like TikTok, and many brands are beginning to take advantage of the change. Having worked with major brands and record labels alike, Greenlight is excited about the future of Gen-Z marketing working with digital talent in the post-corona environment.

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