Mike Galindo: From Jail Time to Full-Time Entrepreneur

UNION CITY, Calif., June 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Mike Galindo may be a leading entrepreneur and DJ in the Bay Area, but he needed a massive wake-up call to get his life on track and gain the motivation to pursue his passions.

Inspired by his father’s hard work as a mechanic, Galindo was a high-achieving student in his youth. Unfortunately, growing up in a ghetto of Richmond, Calif., he found himself entangled with a gang in order to protect himself from bullies. As a result of owing allegiance to the gang, Galindo got himself incarcerated. Getting arrested was the wake-up call.

"There was a moment in high school I remember where I felt like I needed to be friends with someone who would help me in the future," Galindo said with regret, looking back on this point in time. "When I was in jail, I realized my life could go in one of two ways. The first is, I can stay cooped up in jail to support these ‘friends’ I had, and the second is, I can come out and do something better with my life. I followed my heart and chose the second option."

When he was released, Galindo left his hometown determined to find more opportunities for a better life. By working hard, he took it a step further by creating opportunities for himself instead. "From there, I got my foot in the door," Galindo said.

When Galindo earned a spot in management at a sales company, one of his coworkers told him that he was too talented for the job. She connected Galindo with her spouse at Sutter Healthcare, bringing him on board as a facility manager. After seven years, Galindo sought a professional path marked by his interests.

After working several other jobs while designing websites part-time, Galindo is now the proud owner of The Digital Marketing Agency, an advertising management, and marketing consulting business for a variety of clients. Through it, Galindo has been successful in a major way. One of his notable achievements is collaborating with Together We Vibe New Year’s Eve Benefit Concert, presented by the Hard Rock Cafe and Unity Concert Series. Through his business, Galindo created marketing campaigns to promote high-profile celebrity artists like Snoop Dogg, Warren G, Estelle, and Jordin Sparks. Recently, Galindo was awarded Professional Certified Marketer by the American Marketing Association, and Digital Marketing Professional by the Digital Marketing Institute.

Galindo’s mission statement is "to be a uniquely extraordinary and remarkable human being out to transform people’s lives." Galindo has worked his commitment into the foundation of The Digital Marketing Agency and in his personal life via his passion for music. In turn, he has made a name for himself, as DJ Magic Mike. Through the brand, he has landed opportunities through multiple, well-known sponsors like the Ecology Center and MGD Productions. Doors opened for Galindo to DJ on the San Francisco Belle cruise ship line and Marriott Hotel. As a result, Galindo has earned a reputation as one of the top DJs in the Bay Area in Bachata music, a genre that started in the Dominican Republic. Taking from the best of both worlds – his music business and The Digital Marketing Agency –has resulted in the creation of Mike Galindo Productions and San Jose Bachata Nights. With Galindo’s newfound business, he became a Bachata dance teacher of a class that he was a student of only seven years prior.

Today, Galindo works tirelessly – staying up late as 2 a.m. – making the necessary sacrifices to achieve his main goal: owning a home where his daughter and father can live. "I’m committed to making this work," he said, also keeping in mind his service to his customers. "Most people can achieve success, even from a troubled past, through hard work, patience, and resilience. And beyond that, your job doesn’t even need to feel like work to you. Just make sure to find something you’re passionate about and good at and figure out how to make it marketable."

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