Mytaverse Workspaces and Simulations: the Goggle-free Alternative to VR Business Solutions

MIAMI, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Miami Based start-up, Mytaverse (formerly Let’s GathR), is launching version 2.0 of its technology platform. Designed to make remote-working more productive and collaborative, Mytaverse employs the photorealism of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 and PureWeb’s cloud streaming technology to bring people into the metaverse without the need for goggles or other specialized equipment.

Access to three-dimensional workspaces has to be convenient, easy and practically free in order to become the go-to platform for employees working from home today.

"There are only about 26 million VR devices in the hands of consumers worldwide," said Jaime Lopez, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer at Mytaverse. "We made every effort to ensure that anyone from any generation can fully immerse into our world and feel like they are there."  

The integration of webcams, spatial audio and detail-rich environments means interaction between users is fluid and natural. The Mytaverse world includes options for premade or custom-designed lobbies, boardrooms, lecture halls, auditoriums, concert venues, trade show floors, booths and retail settings. Mytaverse also offers the ability to showcase and sell products and goods such as planes, medical imaging devices, industrial machines and so much more.

After entering Mytaverse, colleagues, event attendees, salespeople and customers can mingle and network in realistic settings using the spatial audio system for private conversations as desired.

Entering Mytaverse is quick and easy. Access and participation is available from any PC or Mac with internet access through Google Chrome (mobile and tablet coming soon). After clicking on the event link, five quick initialization steps rapidly transport users into the lobby. 

Once inside Mytaverse, users can attend business events, visit 3D stores or product showrooms and even attend lectures at their convenience. In addition, when the work day is over, Mytaverse also has events and concert halls where people can relax and socialize. 

Until now Mytaverse was accessible only by invitation but on September 14, the platform will be powering the Asian Sky Group’s first ever 3-D Exhibition and Conference for business aviation (ASGVEC). The exhibition will be open to the public and attendance is free. Event participants can bring friends and colleagues or sit in a plane with a company representative.

Besides being a dynamic and convenient way to explore "spatial singularity," which roughly translates as an almost unlimited number of digital space configurations, Mytaverse is also a practical tool for work, communication, learning and social interaction.  Simply pick an avatar and in moments you will be slipping into an event with exhibition halls where others will see your "real-time face" thanks to your computer’s camera.

MYTAVERSE guides are available to provide tours of the metaverse world of business and demonstrate this new hybrid reality that transcends the 2-D world of endless video and audio calls, making people feel that they are in the same space together.


Founded in 2020 and based in Miami FL, GathR Virtual Studios, Inc. created Mytaverse to meet demand for hybrid and augmented reality meetings and workspaces. As a fully immersive platform using Epic Games Unreal Engine, Mytaverse offers shared and dynamic experiences for business, job simulations, education and more. Thanks to a hardware-agnostic approach, Mytaverse enables users from anywhere to enter using only their browser on their PC or Mac. Coming soon will be the mobile version which will enable Mytaverse anywhere, anytime, all the time.

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Brian Kean

SOURCE Mytaverse

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