New Book from Alter Agents Gives Brands a Powerful New Approach to Understanding and Winning Customers

"Influencing Shopper Decisions" by Rebecca Brooks and Devora Rogers revolutionizes traditional market research theory to help brands to understand shopper behavior and connect with key consumer audiences

LOS ANGELES, April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Market research and shopper insights experts from marketing research firm, Alter Agents, today announced the release of their new book Influencing Shopper Decisions: Unleash the Power of Your Brand to Win Customers, released by global publisher Kogan Page. Based on more than a decade of ground-breaking consumer research, the book guides readers to better understand how shopper decision making has transformed and how to best reach evolving audiences. 

"Researchers Rebecca Brooks and Devora Rogers bring an unparalleled understanding of the shopper mindset and the keys to unlocking it," said Peter Shankman, best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker and founder of HARO. "No matter what kind of business professional you are, you must read this book to stay current with the market. Nobody explains the nature of the new shopper, and how to reach them, like these two experts do." 

The book covers how the shopper journey has been redefined by things like the rise of ecommerce, unbridled access to information and resources, and the pandemic-related acceleration of new consumer behaviors. Based on years of closely studying shoppers using multiple methodologies, including agile neuroscience and layering techniques to create holistic audience views, Influencing Shopper Decisions lays out a better way for brands to understand, interact and intersect with their key shopping audiences – no matter their industry or category. 

Other topics covered include:

  • Redefining the shopper journey and metrics for measuring changing shopper behavior
  • Eliminating "Brand Narcissism" in consumer research and the threat it poses to marketing and insights departments
  • Adapting to the rise of "Shopper Promiscuity" and how marketers and brands should approach this new reality
  • Utilizing "Net Influence" and other strategies for better determining ROI to guide marketing investments
  • Exploring how the market research industry has let brand tracking go astray, and how to get back on course
  • Identifying shifting social values and the importance that a brand’s story has for a new generation of shoppers
  • Providing strategies for market researchers, marketers and brand executives to transform approaches to win customers

The book was released digitally around the world and in print in Europe today by Kogan Page, the award-winning independent global publisher of business books since 1967. The book will be available in print in the United States beginning on April 26. Pre-orders are available here

About Alter Agents
Alter Agents is a full-service strategic market research consultancy reimagining research in an era of shifting decision making. Deep creative thinking and innovative solutions help Alter Agents’ clients understand consumer needs. The Alter Agents team believes that research must transform to help brands overcome challenges brought by trends like shopper promiscuity and brand narcissism. Their immersive approach and unique methodology has helped brands such Snapchat, YouTube, Audacy (formerly Entercom), Viking River Cruises, Pinterest, and more gain powerful, actionable insights. A new book detailing the company’s approach, "Influencing Shopper Decisions: Unleash the Power of Your Brand to Win Customers," is available from booksellers worldwide. More at @Alter_Agents

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