Porter Capital Announces Launch of New Products for Staffing Agencies

NEW YORK, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fintech companies Porter Capital & Porter Freight announce launch of new products to help staffing companies and essential workers. Porter Capital recently expanded its line size to a range of $5,000 to $20 million. Some of Porter’s featured clients include staffing companies in the nursing and medical field. 

“Porter Capital is a true partner for small businesses and I’m excited to help expand our suite of products to help essential businesses do more business,” said Blake Van Leer, Chief Growth Officer & Head of Marketing. Before joining Porter, Blake was Head of Marketing at cbdMD through its IPO, Growth consultant at AmFam where he helped launch the Dream Fearlessly campaign and Special Advisor to Kathy Ireland.

Porter has already provided more than $5.7 billion in funding for various businesses, using technology that enables quick processing of applications.

Funding for staffing companies and essential workers is available through Porter’s web portal.  Porter Capital, a fintech leader in providing flex pay and customized funding to businesses, now offers new, smaller staffing companies lines as low as $5,000. Porter can also fund larger staffing companies with lines up to $20 million. One of the first staffing agencies to try this product, is a staffing co for nurses and essential workers.

Porter Capital offers custom-tailored solutions for the staffing industry with payroll factoring, a way for staffing agencies to get their invoices converted into immediate capital. This option, also known as staffing factoring, allows companies to get an advance on their invoice values immediately.

The service is ideal for improving a staffing business’s immediate capital, whether for making payroll one week or expanding by bringing on new hires. Typical qualifications for staffing factoring include a minimum of $25,000 monthly revenue or invoices and business history of two or more years.

To learn more about how Porter Capital can provide payroll funding for your staffing agency, visit: https://www.portercap.com/payroll-funding-for-staffing-companies/

About Porter Capital:
Porter Capital was founded in 1991 by brothers Marc and Donald Porter in Birmingham, AL. Porter offers working-capital solutions to businesses all over the country in a variety of industries. As a direct lender and factoring company, Porter Capital has provided over $5.7 billion in funding since inception. Porter Capital offers invoice factoring of credit lines up to $15MM. Since founding the company, Porter Capital has expanded to include a special transportation division known as Porter Freight Funding. The Porter businesses continue to grow by providing working-capital solutions, emphasizing personalized, dedicated customer service without sacrificing speed and efficiency.

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