PostcardMania Adds New Technology to its Flagship Multichannel Marketing Campaign, Enhancing Online and Offline Integration for Small Businesses

CLEARWATER, Fla., May 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — PostcardMania, the $97MM marketing technology firm employing 350 staff in the Tampa Bay, FL area, added two new digital targeting features — geofencing and contextual search retargeting — to its nationally recognized multichannel marketing campaign package, Everywhere Small Business.

PostcardMania is one of the few marketing companies in the world capable of delivering complex online and offline-integrated campaigns like Everywhere Small Business without any outsourcing, affording clients superior quality control, shorter turnaround times and competitive cost savings, a driving factor in maximizing return on investment. These integrated solutions are all part of PostcardMania’s larger mission to help small businesses get the best results and the highest ROI from their advertising campaigns.

Going forward, PostcardMania’s contextual search retargeting, to be called Browsed-Content Targeting, enables businesses to reach prospects based on topics they research online. For example, an automotive repair company could display digital ads to people who research “check engine light repair” or “replacing car a/c.”

Geofencing will undertake the easier-to-understand moniker Visited-Locations Targeting and target prospects in the local area based on the physical locations they visit and how those locations align with intent and purchase behavior. For example, a yoga studio will be able to target health food store visitors, a pharmacy can target visitors to urgent care facilities, and a veterinarian can target dog park visitors.

Both new features further enable small businesses to compete on a more level playing field with big brands. These additions to Everywhere Small Business will further enhance the integrated campaigns, which already include targeted direct mail and coordinated ads on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Gmail and YouTube.

“We are always testing the most effective marketing techniques and then developing how we can make them affordable to small businesses to level the marketing playing field,” said Gendusa. “A robust, fully integrated campaign like Everywhere Small Business used to be something you needed a team to execute. But we’ve tested it, formulated it and bottled it so that every small business in America can benefit from a single multi-faceted campaign that’s proven to generate leads, increase revenue, and put them in the driver seat of their own success.”

The addition of browsed-content and visited-locations targeting are part of a greater push to expand PostcardMania’s direct marketing technology and achieve the best response for their 111,036 small business clients. Just this year, the direct mail marketing firm broke sales records in quarter 1 by reaching over $25 million in revenue — 8% growth over the same quarter last year — and the most revenue in a single month in March. They also have increased their annual marketing budget by more than 20% to $8 million and are on track to reach record revenues of over $110 million for 2023.

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