The 158th Small Business Saved By Northwicks Consulting & VPC Method

ROSENBERG, Texas, March 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — 2021 has been a fantastic start for Northwicks Consulting. Each new client that signs on gets more than they ever expected, and the results always speak for themself.

Northwicks Consulting measures its success by the results clients experience consistently.

With hundreds of testimonials online today, you can be sure Northweicks Consulting delivers the best sales strategists, digital marketing experts, and business development professionals, all under one roof!

The entire Northwicks Consulting team focuses on increasing each client’s bottom line and their top line by implementing proven business growth systems so they can focus on innovating the best service.

It’s their goal to make it possible for business owners to have personalized sales & marketing systems that are so consistent, they’re able to predict results down to the dollar and day.

Katie Bence, Owner of Events by KB, was Northwicks Consulting’s 158th client that’s no longer hindered by inbound lead generation and has her system producing predictable results. Katie’s experiencing predictable business growth month over month, but the best part about The Northwick Sales System is that each system has a lifespan of 2-3 years with very minimal maintenance involved.

That puts more control in the clients’ hands, allowing clients to feel worry-free about acquiring new clients.

In just the first two weeks of working with Northwicks Consulting, Katie saw more than:

  • (100) one hundred leads at less than ($5) five dollars per lead
  • eleven (11) scheduled appointments for less than $50 per appointment,
  • and that’s just in the first (14) fourteen days.

Before working with Northwicks Consulting, Katie didn’t have a sales or marketing system and wasn’t sure which direction to go first.

Now, she’s confident she’ll have a full calendar every month from here on out.

These results are not uncommon, and if you or someone you know would like to get a complete sales and marketing system created for them, visit the Northwicks Consulting main website here. 

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