The LaunchPad Agency and RetailBound Announce New Retail Accelerator Program

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The LaunchPad Agency and RetailBound have teamed to launch the Retail Accelerator Program, a three-step approach to launching a new product into the U.S. retail market, including a fully-customizable, omni-channel approach designed to grow brand awareness and accelerate sales. The combined team of marketing, branding, design and PR professionals can handle every need from preparation to launch and beyond. The experience is truly full-service, including everything from product packaging review to sales channel preparation and development, and more. 

As Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen has noted, more than 30,000 new consumer products are launched annually into retail channels, but an astounding 90% of them fail. With decades of experience, The LaunchPad Agency and RetailBound have seen what makes campaigns tick and decided to join forces using their proven strategies to create new ways of launching campaigns to success.

"Digital Marketing is an increasingly important part of any retail plan, but many businesses are not prepared for what it takes to succeed in the retail channel today," said The LaunchPad Agency’s President and Co-Founder, Sean Angus. "We’re here to streamline the process and help products successfully launch into the retail market and more importantly drive sell-thru in the channels."

Using their combined techniques, the teams created a 5-step process with methods that have been proven to equal sales.

  1. Fuel – Collecting the right assets and putting them in place including messaging, creative content, and whatever else is needed so that campaigns are built on a strong foundation.
  2. Flame – Identifying key target audiences and putting together a strategy that rockets the content straight to customers who are interested in the product.
  3.  Ignition – Leveraging sales representatives and distributor networks to set the product up into the right retail channels and be positioned for success.
  4. Launch – The integrated digital marketing approach blends together advertising, PR and social media tactics to build brand awareness and drive online sales.
  5. Retail Success – With a strong focus on the retail sales channels, aggressive advertising, and on-going social media marketing, the team ignites the afterburners to propel the company to infinity and beyond!

"We’ve already had some great results," said Yohan Jacob, founder of RetailBound. "Which just goes to show you that there’s no magic, it just comes down to the right strategy and the right kind of implementation. We love seeing product manufacturers, especially smaller product manufacturers, finally connecting with the right retailers!"


About The LaunchPad Agency
The LaunchPad Agency specializes in successfully launching new products, apps, games, and more into the marketplace. From lead generation, user acquisition, and brand awareness, to crowdfunding, product launches, and market expansion, The LaunchPad Agency leverages their deep expertise and proven formula of growth success to coordinate impactful marketing campaigns that deliver results. Their focus areas include: go-to-market, crowdfunding, integrated marketing campaigns, online advertising, digital marketing, social media, inbound/outbound marketing, SEO/SEM, creative design, copywriting, content marketing, influencer communities, and public relations.

About RetailBound
Serving clients around the world, RetailBound gets companies noticed by retail buyers and helps their clients maintain a long-term relationship with them. Run by Yohan Jacob, a former large retail buyer, ReTailbound’s team of seasoned retail consultants bring versatile experience and expertise of retail marketing and merchandising solutions FROM BOTH SIDES of the retail buyer’s desk. This experience within the retail industry sets RetailBound apart as a leading retail marketing and merchandising solutions provider.

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