TruLife Distribution Is Helping Brands Prepare for the Future of Retail

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., Jan. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TruLife Distribution has spent years working to place its clients’ health and wellness products on the shelves of brick-and-mortar retailers. It has robust relationships with many of the strongest leading retailers in the U.S. However, in spite of the in-person retail success that TruLife Distribution has garnered for its clients, e-commerce is the sales channel that the marketing and distribution leader truly sees as the future of retail. That’s why TruLife Distribution has always prioritized digital sales channels in its strategies.

"From day one, TruLife Distribution has been committed to creating synergistic marketing strategies," explains TruLife Distribution founder and CEO Brian Gould, "The goal has always been to propel our client’s products into profitable retail channels, wherever those might be found."

Gould goes on to explain that this has led to a multi-faceted approach for most of his clientele. "We usually work simultaneously to create online listings on major sites like Amazon. At the same time, we try to get our partner brands into brick-and-mortar retailers, as well. This gives them a steady income from a traditional retail setting while also setting them up for a bright future with their e-commerce listings."

While brick-and-mortar retail is a great source of income in the here and now, Gould and his team see e-commerce as the future of retail. The TruLife Distribution team has done its research on the subject. With digital natives on track to form the majority of the population within a decade, the company forecasts that online shopping should surpass the 50% mark by 2030.

This ongoing change makes an e-commerce presence an essential part of any long-term retail strategy. However, while important, that doesn’t mean a successful e-commerce presence is easy to create. "Unfortunately, e-commerce isn’t a ‘set it and forget it" kind of thing," says Gould, "Online marketplaces are easier to enter now, but that means they’re also more crowded. Brands are constantly competing for optimal rankings and prime digital real estate. That’s where we come in."

TruLife Distribution is designed to take ambitious health and wellness brands and make them stand out. From optimizing listings to selecting the right product channels to unlocking the power of data-driven marketing, TruLife Distribution’s team of experts is equipped to set growing brands up for long-term success as they help blaze the trail to a digital future.

About TruLife Distribution: TruLife Distribution was founded in 2019 by Brian Gould. Gould comes from three generations of manufacturing and retail distribution professionals. His self-started company offers a full-service experience that includes sales, marketing, and distribution. Learn more about TruLife Distribution at

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