Will Marlow Agency Named a Top Google Marketing Solutions Provider by MarTech Outlook

FALLS CHURCH, Va., Jan. 12, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Will Marlow Agency, a leading data-driven digital marketing agency, has been named a 2022 Top Google Marketing Solutions Provider by MarTech Outlook. This annual award recognizes companies that effectively utilize the Google Marketing Platform to help clients of all sizes reach and engage with their target customers through various online channels.

A Google AdWords Partner, Will Marlow Agency holds numerous certifications in search advertising, display advertising, and analytics. At its founding, the firm focused on developing premium digital ads for high-growth clients. Over time, Will Marlow Agency expanded its portfolio of services, helping clients clarify their marketing objectives, identify KPIs, and develop cohesive PPC, SEO, content, and sales and CRM strategies to meet those specific objectives.

“A holistic, KPI-aligned marketing strategy is crucial to client success,” said Bojana Obradović, Director of Digital Services at Will Marlow Agency. “Our data-driven SEO metrics inform content creation, ensuring that our clients have healthy, high-performing websites. As a result, we’re able to increase client visibility on the organic side, while delivering compelling advertising campaigns that meet clients’ marketing objectives.”

In addition to the 2022 Top Google Marketing Solutions Provider award, Will Marlow Agency was also recognized as one of the Top SEO/Consulting Service Companies by MarTech Outlook in 2020.

“As the digital landscape continues to evolve at breakneck speed, agencies must be able to pivot quickly to address emerging trends and requirements,” said Will Marlow, CEO of Will Marlow Agency. “It’s part of our job to learn continuously, and understand and introduce new ways of doing things, in order to create high-impact campaigns that deliver results.”

For more information about the MarTech Outlook Top Google Marketing Solutions Provider award, visit https://www.martechoutlook.com.

About Will Marlow Agency

Using a data-driven advertising approach, Will Marlow Agency seeks to eliminate the uncertainty and confusion that most clients feel about their digital ad campaigns. They have built a reputation for delivering ultra-premium, highly-informed, and super-creative digital marketing services from a certified and experienced team. They are based outside of Washington, D.C. with offices in New England and Europe. Learn more at https://willmarlow.com/.

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